I first noticed this coyote when I saw her slipping down the hill as she tried hunting: she appeared not to have too much trouble in her battle against gravity, but I thought I would videotape it. Then she found a ball and discovered that she could use this gravity to help her play ball! She had a great time and put on an excellent show!

To combat their loneliness and boredom, *loner* coyotes — those that have dispersed from their families and no longer have a social group with whom to be social or play — often create amazingly imaginative play and games. Doing so not only helps fill the time with fun, it also stimulates their growing bodies and minds and helps them grow into more innovative problem-solvers. Most coyotes that I know are happy critters.

The video is a little long and becomes repetitive — I did not cut it because I wanted everyone to see how involved a little coyote could become in a game she herself invented.

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