A Story of Positivity For the New Year, by Walkaboutlou

Hi Janet,

I enjoy watching a variety of animals. And could spend lifetimes studying. Learning an ecosystem, an area, and patterns takes ages…literally. I can only be content with connections now. But even those inspire. My frustration with modern man systematically hurting life is only balanced by the knowledge that nature will reassert itself in time. Inexorably the universe and cycles will outlast our ways. I don’t claim to know how exactly — but nature always “cleans house” and reasserts its cycles. I suspect mankind will tamper with weather or virus or cycles that will bring about disaster for man. But another era for animals.

I was given some comfort by a local coyote that strengthened me much.

Peg Leg is an “old” coyote who was allowed to hold territorial reign on a remote area of ranchlands some years. He had 2 mates over the years, and successfully reared at least 7 litters. Many pups stayed and eventually took adjoining areas. Peg Leg limped his way through hunts and patrols with true strength. He scavenged deer and bulked up impressively. He was big, bold, and calm. His front left leg, healed but fused straight, lacked mobility. But Peg Leg lacked nothing.

I heard last summer he lost his territory. Several coyotes, possibly fleeing wolf expansion, had displaced Peg Leg and his mate and pack.

I hadn’t seen him for months. Of course felt saddened at the end of the era. But when I spotted him on a distant hill a few days ago, there he was, fit, full, and at ease. He watched us a short time, I believe he recognized us, ……and started tossing a stick.

In my human mind, loss of territory, pack, and control are devastating. I cannot know what Peg Leg thought or felt. But I do know, alone in that hill, he seemed fine. Even playful. His tail was high. His gray face enjoyed the sun. And before he stiffly trotted off, he marked and scratched boldly.

It was just what I needed to see. There are no guarantees in life. Very few happily ever after. And certainly no retirement benefits for aged coyote. It matters little. Peg Leg was still alive. Still indomitable. And still happy enough to toss sticks.

We all have to roll the dice and face life. And the roll often doesn’t go our way. When life is hard, I will forever remember stick tossing Peg Leg. Undaunted, he trots forward as only a coyote can.

Trot long Janet,

“Studying and learning from nature is something I do every day. I have NEVER seen a coyote, raven, crow, etc..feel sorry for itself. And I have met several badgers and one brief moment of a wolverine. There is an indomitable, unbeaten indescribable aura that fills many wild animals. I choose that aura every day. And will keep doing so in all things. So times are tough. But it’s up to us to be tougher. We can make that choice that is reality in nature.

Not long ago I watched some ranch bison grazing in terrible weather (from a distance) The freezing rain meant nothing to them. They grazed half frozen grass in the most content way. And in pure strength and peace. All animals emanate good things we can discern and receive in ourselves. I may look like a tired guy at times. But in my heart the imagery and lessons of coyote, bison, wolverine, bear, wolves etc…never stop.”


Hi Janet,

Another update on “Peg Leg” an older male coyote who seemed to have lost his territory/pack/mate…

He was seen this evening “stuffed” from feeding on mice among cattle. When the cattle settled, so did he. He also was seen….with his old mate!

So he’s not alone. He may have lost old territory, but not his mate. Or his appetite.

Peg Leg continues to thrive and adapt. And be his jaunty self.


10 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jo Thompson
    Jan 01, 2020 @ 23:16:14

    Beautiful. Thank you for this timely and much needed drink of salve.


  2. MelindaH.
    Jan 01, 2020 @ 23:35:43

    Thank you! Touching post.


  3. Morbeau
    Jan 01, 2020 @ 23:58:31

    Thank you! I’ve very much enjoyed your posts over the last couple of years. Hope you have a wonderful 2020.



  4. Gail
    Jan 02, 2020 @ 04:58:47

    Provided a beautiful visual … and great food for thought. We can learn so much from them.


  5. Hilary Cole
    Jan 02, 2020 @ 08:20:14

    As always Janet… a very interesting and great post to read… love your posts… can’t always answer them due to time difference plus work, but always read and enjoy… love them so much..


    Happy New Year.. May the best is yet to come ….

    Hil 😘


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