Clean-Up and Pack-Fed, by Walkaboutlou

Hi Janet.

Today’s fence-line check brought a surprise. One of the bison cows from the local herd (nursery herd replacing cattle and sheep on this ranch) was alone and standing curiously immobile. A quick few moments of binocular scouting showed…she was in labor. It seemed she was struggling. Rubbing against trees and moaning. A far off roaming peacock I couldn’t even see gave an alarm call. And with this…an unseen Bison Bull rose from a nearby wallow. He?made me instantly and gave a low bellow. Was he grumpy from disturbed wallow..or a sentinel for cow in labor? I don’t know. But I did was time for me to calmy leave. I called rancher once in reception.

I was called later to be told the bison delivered a nice calf and all was well. Also..the son rancher spotted Slim Jim and yearling son Big Brother waiting patiently for the new mom and calf to walk away. They ate the afterbirth etc…until they were stuffed and made beeline for direction of den. I imagined them trotting the miles back to Moms Chica, Janet, and 11 pups.

There are several bison cows expecting. Who knew that afterbirth could feed a whole pack? Slim Jim [the alpha male coyote] apparently does!!!

[For the composition of the unusual coyote family, see Spring Madness, by Walkaboutlou]

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  1. Lisa Febre
    Apr 18, 2021 @ 18:31:37

    Wow! Seriously, Walkabout Lou, you have such incredibly fascinating posts. Thank you, as always, for sharing with the rest of us!!!


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