Denning: Kinky’s Choices, by Walkaboutlou

Hi Janet! 

Spring is coming in hard and fast. And for local coyote … particularly pregnant females…the most important choice of year is here.

Where to den.

It means your children may live or die .. by your choice. Like all matters … there’s variety. Some coyote seem to raise pups wherever they seem to be. But most seem to pick very carefully, best they can. 

Kinky the yearling coyote and survivor of wolf decimating raid on her pack, is pregnant. She is very bossy of her mate. And been seen checking out many areas it seems.

She is often where she was born, a series of cliffs. Hot and waterless in summer,  they offer a fortress of invulnerable protection. 

We think and hope she chooses wisely. Her possible mother or older sister Janet also is pregnant 4 miles away. New mate. But … facing same situation as last year. A wolf pack periodically patrols through. They will dig up any coyote dens found. As well as certain Livestock Guard Dogs. 

Janet has a food rich den poor territory. Kinky has great denning options but they are seasonally poor for food.

Choices. Choices. Choices. 

Most people never dream of the choices parenthood bring animals in spring. An ill placed den or nest will likely mean failure. 

We know both Kinky and Janet are incredible survivors and will do their best as moms in coming spring and summer. 

And I wish them good choices. 

Also affecting den choice …

Hundreds of miles of forests and territory have been lost to fires. As wolves and coyote need cover for dens … and wolves need space for quality lands to hunt, they absolutely will converge upon coyote territory. Where to den and when will be especially hard this year in this area. 

But coyote will handle this. 


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  1. Jo Thompson
    Mar 10, 2022 @ 23:14:17

    Thank you Lou. Love to hear from you. Will be waiting for updates.


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