Many Blows, by Walkaboutlou

Hi Janet,

Something I would like to convey to others is when we see a coyote..its often a fleeting moment. And our own interpretation of this coyote can be interpreted many ways.

Something we can learn to appreciate…is this coyote is as individual as we are.

In my patrols with pack we are surrounded by many coyote. We see much sign. And have fleeting moments of contact. It can be a fleeing coyote. It can be one charging in territorial challenge.

When we encountered “Many Blows” we realized..he is “new” to quail ranch.

He has an enormously swollen jaw and a healed scar on face. The hurried pic I took showed even at distance..his aura.

Many Blows is a large seasoned mature male. He had a tattered short summer coat and many nicks to his body.

The jaw so swollen…it could be a bad tooth. A jaw broken from spent bullet or a hoof of collision into fence or car. So many things. 

It does not slow him. Or soften his hard stare at my dogs. He is clearly agitated at them. If not for my presence, skirmishing and engaging would very likely start.

Many Blows has seen injury and men and dogs. His agitation and toughness indicate he likely is from properties akin to here..where decoy dogs are actively used to hunt coyote. These men and dogs can wipe out a pack of coyote in seconds. Coyote such as Many Blows who perhaps has seen packmates thus killed…become very tough customers. They are warier yet bolder. And dogs roaming near them are something they have learned to truly despise. And counter.

There are huge differences in humans depending on regions and! The coyote reflect this. They are mirrors of the humans.

When you see a coyote this hard and scarred, it was very likely humans helped  mold that personality.



Hi Janet,
One of your readers said he had never heard of coyote chasing or attacking bird dogs. At least in his region which was Oklahoma. He must have some very meek coyote regionally..which is plausible.

I have known coyote in different areas..and they truly do differ in some behaviors.

I wanted to share with you why these coyote or some of them, engage dogs.

They have been hunted, harassed and killed and scattered by Decoy Dogs and Coyote Hunters for about 8 years now. The survivors remember forever the sound of dogs and guns and they are triggered into both flight and fight responses. They are territorial so seem impelled to “guard” and also protect family.

Most of these coyote have been shot at and seen mates or pups killed by Decoy Doggers. I believe it makes a profound impact on them. They cannot know they are on a quail ranch and these dogs only are here for birds. But they can “relearn” distances and that the hills are theirs.
It’s just an example of how different local coyote can become..due to human influence.

What I am trying also to convey and help others realize is..Coyote differ as much as we do.


There are coyote so shy and wild they never would engage humans or dogs. There are coyote that actively engage dogs and have no qualms about raiding livestock if humans aren’t savvy.

There are coyote that are diminutive and live off rodents and fruit and occasional rabbit.

There are coyote that have dog and wolf genetics and are large and hunt deer that are compromised or weak.

There are coyote that are loners or just are with mate. There are coyote that regularly pack up.

There are coyote influenced by humans who then exhibit a vast array of behaviours we usually don’t like…but we are the source.

Every region of North and South America has coyote..that have common themes yet can vastly be different genetically, behaviorally, and yes…culturally.

I hope this can become a shared knowledge. Coyote locally can vary as much as humans.

There are coyote living on junk food.

There are coyote living on berries and salmon and wild plants.

There are coyote living off wolf kills and wolf packs they follow…(very high risk)

So many behaviors. All regionally influenced.

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  1. MelindaH
    Aug 24, 2022 @ 01:17:51

    One of my favorite Desmond Tutu passages reads:
    “I have seen firsthand how injustice gets overlooked
    when the victims are powerless or vulnerable, when
    they have no one to speak up for them and no means
    of representing themselves to a higher authority.
    Animals are in precisely that position. Unless we are
    mindful of their interests and speak out loudly on their
    behalf, abuse and cruelty go unchallenged…It is a
    kind of theological folly to suppose that God has
    made the entire world just for human beings, or to
    suppose that God is interested in only one of the
    millions of species that inhabit God’s good earth.


    • Dr. James B. Mense
      Aug 24, 2022 @ 14:52:56

      So true, Melinda!
      Human beings are most often considered as separate from natural ecosystems when, in fact, we are a part of those ecosystems.

  2. Gina
    Aug 24, 2022 @ 02:25:26

    Wow, thank you for this post and this image. He clearly has an aura that even his injury can’t suppress. What amazing animals coyote are!


  3. Jo Thompson
    Aug 24, 2022 @ 11:55:02

    Coyotes are the epitome of resilience. The more I work with coyotes and see what they survive, the more I admire and respect them. As always, WalkAboutLou has given us words and understanding to care about coyotes.


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