Bear With Me, by Madeline Woodbury

Madeline knows her coyotes through her field cameras. Above left: a limping youngster; middle: that same limping youngster acknowledging another family member whose eyes are all we see; right: a coyote who got some debris caught around his neck — it looks like a radio-collar, but isn’t! “They are so beautiful in their wildness.  And they’re so clever and smart; committed to their pups and family, aware, cautious, playful, determined, continuously searching for food and safety; they work hard staying alive in this world.  I admire them beyond compare.  Why they have been so persecuted; it’s as taking any group (people) many decide to trounce on, demean – torture and kill. I see them and they fill me with happiness.” 

Hi Janet,

Two days ago, Mostly and I, he’s my dog, found a deceased young coyote.  He or she was down by the creek.  Prior to this, for the past few days we’ve been smelling a corpse smell but weren’t sure where.  He and I searched a couple of different places.  But just this past Thurs or Friday we saw a turkey vulture land.  I happened to be sitting on the deck and just taking in nature when it flew in and landed.  It was around the area Mostly and I kept smelling the smell of death; I thought it was larger than a rat or rabbit or … but this was to the right of the deck.  *Note: we’ve gone back through this area searching, nothing yet.

Yesterday Mostly’s nose was going; I followed.  Behind the garage, down a small ravine and there on the other side, a young coyote.  I just teared up.  Of course, the smell was overwhelming, we’ve also been under fire watch, ashes pouring down on us for 2 days.  It was late and I figured I’d go out today to bury her.

I called Fish and Wildlife on Saturday.  They took my call and got right back to me.  Wasn’t sure I’d see anyone that day but had requested someone look at the body to establish: poison or shot.  

I wrapped him/her in a large paper compost bag and buried for the smell.  I don’t even know if F&W will follow-up.

It’s the bloody neighbors I just know it.  We haven’t had this issue since a few years back since I had it out with the neighbors to the south; I haven’t heard them trap or shoot a coyote since, and they own no livestock.  But these people.  I did tell you I ran through the woods when I heard gunshot a couple weeks ago?  We had it out.  They shot again and I yelled and threatened to call the sheriff in which I have and made a report with them.  What’s illegal is firing in to my woods: he could kill more than his designs such as me, my dog, a neighbor…

I called my neighbor who is also empathetic to animals.  I recounted what happened.  I told him I have a young coyote dead down by the creek.  He’s not happy about it; he told me years ago a neighbor’s dog was shot and killed for running after another’s cows.  He told me that neighbor who owned the dog was not happy.  What we knew of this neighbor is, his dog was abused by the family, it was mean, it ripped up a person’s arm needing stitches.  Why is this even worth mentioning: irresponsible again expecting a different outcome or not even being involved with your animal as it’s chasing down cows.  This dog was not even put down after biting people several times.  My heart went out to the abused dog with the idiocy of so-called owners.

A call in to F&W.  So, a respite on gun shooting but now poisoning, luring in an animal with meat/poison?  This is a first from them.  I told you these people are less than smart on how to keep their animals.  Makeshift tarps for keeping them in, etc.

I’ll call F&W tomorrow if I don’t hear from them.  The shooting, I have filed a report.  This is on my property; the woods run right up to where they keep their chickens and ducks.  But they will not continue to kill coyote because of their less than intelligent ways of keeping poultry.

I will reread F&W for Western WA and find out about poisoning, etc. wildlife.

Due to man’s idiocy wildlife pays for his ill-keeping of animals.  It’s not right; they list coyote as nuisance wildlife as a raccoon, bobcat, and you can dispatch any time?!  Man or woman does not even have to act accordingly they have the permission to kill any of these animals listed as nuisance.  I have work to do and to stand for.

I’m a little set back with my own health though as soon as I’m on my feet again, “nuisance” tagged on wildlife is ill-informative, hurtful to them; it’s brushing them off so someone doesn’t have to act responsibly.  Not right.  I won’t stand for the abuse, the carelessness.

I wanted to try to see if she was shot and it was extremely difficult today.  But it’s why I wrapped her in case F&W wanted to view.  I’m asking too much right now, aren’t I?  This just is not in their league, is it?  It’s why these entities need replacement with thoughtful and responsible persons fulfilling this work.  All around care especially for wildlife.  Not thrown off random acts of violence and poison.  Safeguarding your own pets, livestock, etc.  One needs to stand and be responsible for how they keep animals.

I’m frustrated, sad, and tearful.

Thanks for being there to talk it out,


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