Old Habits, by Walkaboutlou

Hi Janet.

Kinky Tail moved her litter again and it reminded us of her Father’s moves and habits. 

Her father in times of vulnerability and old age sought the company of a captive herd of bison. He not only found the stirred up voles easy meals..the bison seemed to keep canines away. 

Kinky Tail’s observers feel she’s nervous more so with pups starting to dodder about. She moved them to a hilly area with cut wood piles…and smack dab in Longhorn pastures. These are range cattle held temporarily as they calve or get checked on. They aren’t afraid of wolves, bear, cougar…arent really fans of dogs but pretty much ignore coyote. 

With such neighbors she can still easily go and scavenge her dead cow as live ones provide horned deterrents to any predators or dogs that pass close to her pup dens. 

It could be coincidence. But it sure seems like her father’s moves. His last few vulnerable months were always with Bison. 

2nd pic…white bull….pile of logs is one of the puppy dens. 

Horns work!


Kinky and her Mate can move here and cattle won’t even look up. If a dog or wolf trotted thru, different story. 

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