Our Coyotes: Live Talk at Fort Mason

I’ll be giving a presentation about coyotes at the Fort Mason Community Garden on Saturday, May 20th at 10 am. If you are interested, it will be a poster talk in lieu of a slides because projected slides would just be washed out in the midday light! There should be plenty of time for questions afterwards. The RSVP seems to be an informal request by the FMCG — so far, I see no place on their website to do so. I was told that most people don’t RSVP.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jeannie
    May 20, 2023 @ 17:07:18

    Hi Janice.Today in Next Door South Bernal,someone posted a picture of a coyote in Daly City in the Graveyard.Cool photo.
    But alot of the comments were so hateful and untrue.Have you seen it?


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