I Parto Della Lupa (The Birthing of a Wolf)

image001This Italian video shows a wolf giving birth. It’s an Italian wolf that doesn’t look too different from our coyotes, and giving birth is probably very similar for both animals. It’s an appropriate time to post this, because birthing of our coyotes is occurring now.

I asked a friend if he could guess what the title of this posting meant: “I parto della lupa”. I myself thought “parto” and “partum” (as in post-partum) might sound close enough for folks to recognize.  His answer was, ” someone leaving or departing”. His answer astonished me! Yes, I guess that’s what it means; that’s what “birth” means: “a parting.”

By the way, what the mother is eating is the placenta or afterbirth. Either click on the photo or here to watch the video.