Coyote Mummy, by Lisa Febre

I wanted to share with you more photos of the coyote carcass.

It was laying right in the middle of our usual path… and the dogs went straight to it, sniffing every part. Dusty (tan/green) started to roll on the bones, and Luna (grey/blue) went for it while I was dealing with him!!

I spent a little time with the bones, and the dogs stood by me and observed. I touched the teeth, held its paw, and wondered why it was put in my path.

Dusty was the one who was (likely nipped) investigated by the coyote during our close encounter in July.

For size reference, my dogs are about 28 pounds. Having seen them right up against a living coyote, they were about the same size, a little stockier but seemed comparable. I know these bones have deteriorated a bit, but I would say this was a young coyote close to 20 pounds?

Anyway! A memorable and powerful encounter. I guess this is pretty special, not everyone gets to see something like this. And, I just feel like these last few months have been filled with more coyotes than I deserve. 

Funny story: last summer, it was all snakes, all the time. I literally saw about 2 dozen rattlesnakes, gopher snakes, California kings, racers… more than pretty much anyone I know (including our park ranger when I told him about it at our training session last winter). And then this year, I have seen zero snakes. 

I have several tattoos and I’m thinking my next will be of a coyote. Question is where and what…

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