Mountain Lion in San Francisco!

Mountain lions in San Francisco? Well, they don’t really live here, but we have had about one a year wander through the city in the last three years. Here’s one that was caught on a security/trap camera last night close to Lake Merced, at the very southern end of the city. If they don’t leave quickly and they appear lost, our Animal Care and Control, along with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, will tranquilize the animal and remove it both for its own good and that of the public. These animals could pose a potential threat. The last one that was taken out of the city two years ago was a young female weighing 92 pounds. That’s about my size: I wouldn’t want to tangle with one. Coyotes, on the other hand, weigh a mere 30 to 35 pounds and are not a threat to humans. Nevertheless, we need to keep our distance from them, less for our own safety than for the wellbeing of the coyote.