Morning Dew

It took me a moment to figure out why this coyote was licking the guardrail repeatedly. Sure enough, when I went over to test the railing, it was very wet. The coyote was lapping up the heavy morning dew which was clinging to the metal! I’ll be posting more about water soon, but this water source was particularly interesting. People have been wondering WHERE coyotes get water in the city where there are not many obvious sources. It hasn’t rained all summer (well, except one small sprinkler) — we have a desert-climate here in San Francisco.

We forget that coyotes survive in the desert where there is not much water. There, they depend on water holes and on what they find opportunistically, as here. Can they opportunistically adapt to less water when it is scarcer? The Arabian Sands by Wilfred Thesiger documents that humans can and have survived on 2 cups of water a day. If we can, might coyotes also adapt to less when needed?