Grooming Shows Affection and Care

These two coyotes were out looking around: a mother and her yearling pup. They were together, but one would go off to explore separately and then see the other, or even look for it, and then trot over to be with it. They kept tabs on each other and looked for each other after being apart only a few moments. One reached this rock first, and then the other joined. Immediately the mother began grooming the younger one’s back. Could it be that she was taking off a tick? I say this because it looked like there might have been a tick on the younger one’s eyelid earlier on. After the grooming was completed, and it lasted only a minute, both coyotes continued to look about.

Grooming serves both to get rid of potential health hazards and to strengthen social bonds. There is a lot of affection between this pair of coyotes. Coyote family life is as intimate and as involved as our own.

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