Coyote Paths: Coyote behavior

Coyotes use all the paths in parks. They tend to avoid interference when they are walking, so paths of all sorts are what they like to stick to, at least for the most part. They even stick to roadways and sidewalks if these are free of people — these being the pathways of least resistance. Of course, they also pass through many areas without paths: on rocks, on trees, in thicket areas — but even these are often habitual routes. These paths of theirs seem to be used regularly — you can see them worn into definite patterns in grassy areas. I’ve seen coyotes and not humans on the paths in the photos above. These paths are much thinner than a human path would be, but they are definitely worn paths. Of course, other critters also make these types of trails: opossums, raccoons, foxes and skunks in our area.

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