Morning Rest with One Eye Open

Here is a typical coyote morning for a coyote who likes to stay out in the open. For the most part, coyotes retreat under cover once dawn has broken. But some, including this one, enjoy the open. Mornings can be a time of rest after some pre-dawn hunting, but if resting takes place in the open, one eye has to be kept open!

So, I came upon this coyote watching a group of dogs and walkers go by — they were on a path far below as the coyote watched from a perch high above them. I do not know if the walkers saw the coyote. As dogs and walkers moved out of sight, the coyote disappeared from its perch, and then soon reappeared on another hill on the other side of the path, where it could see the dogs and walkers exit the area. Once the group was out of sight, the coyote felt safe enough to settle down for a couple hours of rest, as seen here in the photos.

Occasionally this coyote eyed dog walkers in the very far distance — you can see this by where the coyote is looking — it was a calm observation because of the distance. But when two large dogs in the mid-distance began growling and running at each other — they seemed preparing for a fight — this coyote sat right up at full attention and watched intently until the altercation settled down. Coyotes don’t like commotion, I’ve noticed. When the dogs left the area, the coyote resumed its rest before shaking itself out and heading over for one last lookout from a rock. Then the coyote was gone. Few people, if any, noticed the coyote and not one dog was aware of it way up on the hill.

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