Coyotes Camouflaged or Well Hidden

I used to think coyotes were always well camouflaged, until I saw one stand out on a hill like a sore thumb: a coyote can be easily seen against a green background. But a lot of the time, coyotes blend into the background and this is why many people often don’t see them. Coyotes also know how to keep very still, and they are able to move in such an extremely stealthy manner that they often are hard to detect unless you are actually looking for one. Of course, as I have posted before, if the coyote is one who likes being out in the open, resting up on an open hilltop, it might be very easy to spot it. I’ve collected some photos showing coyotes blending into the scenery pretty nicely: their coloring, stillness and stealth are the important factors.

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