Enjoying the Rain

I enjoy walking in the rain: I like the quiet and the sense of peace as I walk. There is a sense of focus much closer to oneself and less “out there” than on clear days. If it is too cold my fingers get cold and go numb, but if it is too warm my raincoat retains the heat and doesn’t breathe. However, if the temperature is just right, the rain can be lots of fun to walk in — I allow myself to “let go” when I’m this comfortable: allow myself to get wet, fall in the grass, slide down an incline or whatever, and enjoy experiencing all there is to experience in a good rain without guarding myself against it for fear of eventual discomfort, especially if I’m going to be out a while.

During my walks in the rain, I usually expect to find no animals, but this is less so in the springtime. Birds are all over the place, and so are other animals, including, sometimes, a coyote. In spite of steady rain, a coyote at times can be seen out in the open resting in a favorite spot and getting wet — maybe it experiences the same comfort that I do when the temperature is right. It would have been easy for the coyote to find shelter under a tree, but it didn’t. I’ve waited for a coyote to get up and leave under these conditions, and was surprised that it stayed put — I watched it bask in the rain for a couple of hours. Apparently rain, at least one that isn’t a driving rain, does not interfere with a coyote’s life.

If a dog and its owners walk by, the coyote might get up from its lying down position to a standing or sitting position. Otherwise, I’ve seen it stay curled up on the ground as it gets wetter and wetter.  However, they don’t like having the rain in their eyes — but this inconvenience isn’t bad enough to make them get up and leave. Of course, a driving rain might produce totally different behavior — I have only observed coyotes stay out in moderate rain. I saw a coyote only once in a driving rain, and that was only for a second. You can see the rain coming down in the photographs — hopefully this will be apparent on this blog.

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