A Young Coyote Casually Observing the Rain

It has been raining lately, and it was raining heavily when I saw this coyote.  No one was around. The lone young coyote appeared bored. It sat in an open field in the rain and looked around — that way, this way, down, up: if you follow its gaze you can see that it is focusing on the movements created as raindrops landed on individual blades of grass and leaves. It also yawned and it stretched. Finally, as the rain got even heavier, the coyote ambled a short distance before it shook itself out and went into a thicket area. The yearling had been absorbed this way for about ten minutes.

Coyotes are very attuned to small grass and plant movements right at ground level. This is because one of  their primary nourishments comes from the voles and gophers whose burrows are under the ground. These small rodents often “work” on their tunnels, creating small movements in the foliage that grows right around their “doorways”.  Coyotes are always on the lookout for these movements which alert them that a meal is close at hand if they go about their hunting undetected.

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  1. Dominik
    Mar 20, 2010 @ 15:47:56


    Thank you. This blog is AWESOME. I can see you’ve really put much time and effort into it. I’ve only scratched the surface and have already learned a lot.


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