Coyote Ramblings: Hunting for Food and Watching

Here is a coyote rambling the morning away. The coyote was actually hunting: while I watched it, it caught two voles and made several unsuccessful attempts at catching others. This coyote kept fairly hidden as it hunted. Few people actually notice the coyotes in a park, and this seems to be how the coyotes want it. It wandered on a path, but mostly off of paths.  And it kept track of dogs being walked — it kept away from them all, just looking at them now and then from the distance.

THEN, the coyote saw a large dog begin digging intently. THIS was interesting to the coyote. The coyote actually approached a little as the dog was digging, but stayed far enough back so as not to be noticed. When the dog and owner moved off, the coyote looked around and then quickly went over to the digging spot. Here it sniffed intently and then began its own digging! I’m sure the coyote’s keen eyesight had picked up that the dog had left empty-handed. I found it fascinating that the coyote had used the dog’s digging as a clue for finding something! I watched the coyote dig here for seven minutes! In the end, there was no prize for the coyote, but for me, this was prize observation time!

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