Bluejays Will Harass Coyotes

I have seen bluejays flying close to and heard them squawking at a coyote that was close by. Today I saw a bluejay skydiving at a coyote. The bird was obviously trying to dissuade the coyote from sticking around. The coyote looked up and then bucked up and down as the bluejay flapped its wings for a few seconds right over the coyote. The bluejay then flew to a twig less than ten feet away but did not harass the coyote again. The coyote had been minding its own business. This is the first time I’ve seen a bluejay do this. I’ve now seen ravens, bluejays and dogs harass a coyote. It reminded of the two times that my shy little cattle dog was attacked — no one else was attacked, just her, even though there were plenty of dogs and people around!! Once it was by a swarm of bees that went after only her, and once it was by a flock of starlings in front of a grocery store where we heard the same birds had gone after a couple of human individuals. I wonder what a bird’s criteria is for for doing this.

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