Group Howling and Group Squealing!!

I saw two coyotes very early. They were hunting and playing: multitasking! But then they took off to a large grassy field where they just played: romping together and “catch me if you can”. They were obviously feeling free and happy. One then went into a “come and get me” pouncing position, bubbling over with fun and excitement. It waited for the other coyote who, of course, was ready for him. Then the two ran off to the middle of the field and this is when they began howling — it was a “group howling”!!  It is the first group howling I have ever heard. It was performed just for the sheer joy and delight of doing so — an offshoot of the happy play they were engaging in! Please note that this is totally different from the distressed “barking” that I have described so often previously. The “barking” has always been a result of dog intrusions. This today was actual HOWLING and there was no reason for it except pure joy — not even a fire engine siren set it off!

Then their mother appeared. I think she had been watching them in the distance. There of course were kisses and hugs as usual when this family greets each other, but, as I was able to hear only once before, this time there were squeals of delight. I was able to capture a short section of this with my tape recorder. HOWLING & SQUEALS.

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