I Wonder What Was So Fascinating About The Cactus

So today I watched this coyote get up from a long rest, then walk over to this cactus plant. The coyote spent time examining the cactus!! It looked like a pretty thorough investigation. I wondered what was so fascinating about it — could it be snails again?

Later, I went back to examine what the coyote’s interest might have been, and I found nothing — not one snail! So it is a big question. I’ll return to that spot over the next several days: maybe an answer will present itself.

This same coyote poked its nose deep into the bed of tough succulents that was close by. It did so over and over again: I didn’t see the coyote come up with anything at all.  Although I couldn’t find anything there either, I have seen snails on ice plants which are similar, so maybe again, its simply about the escargot? I’ll add an update if I find anything out.

Update: July 18, 2010: Well, I finally found that snails do climb up cactus plants! There was one snail, not high, but nevertheless it was there on the cactus about two inches from the base. This coyote had probably seen snails on this plant before which would be why it was searching so hard when I took these photos.

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