“Mom, Dad, and Two Pups” by Charles Wood

Wednesday I returned to the river bank to look east for my coyotes.  I was pleased to see four show up.  Dad and two pups are pictured and Mom was a little too far to the right of the frame to include.  Aware of being watched, they stopped traveling.  Dad stared at me.  Several times Dad gazed in the direction they had been headed.  The two pups headed back in the direction from where they had come.  I was not able to see if Dad continued forward or if he went back south with the two pups.  Perhaps other pups had been traveling ahead of the four I saw and Dad went forward to be with them.  Mom did stay to sit and watch me.  Eventually she left to join her group to the south.

I waited a bit longer and went to the bridge to look south.  By then it was dark.  Soon they returned and my flashlight caused them to retreat south.  I followed them along the river bank.  I stopped to watch.  Two coyotes approached about 30 yards in my direction and began to bark and yip at me.  The voices did not sound like Dad’s.  One appeared to be dropping scat.  Still, they were at least 75 yards from me and I could not identify those two individuals.  My flashlight again caused them to retreat and hide in the brush.  After several more minutes it became clear that they were not to show themselves again.  They may have used cover and darkness to move past me and on to their destination.  I walked along the fence leading to the bridge hoping to provoke a display by Dad.  It did not so I went home.

Looking at Tuesday’s picture “DadMom” it is clear that one of the coyotes is indeed Mom, but the other is not Dad.

Posting written by Charles Wood. Visit Charles Wood’s website for these and more coyote photos: Charles Wood. His work is copyrighted and may only be used with his explicit permission.

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