Some more from Charles Wood

It wasn’t until eight o’clock that one of my coyotes showed up as I looked east from the river bed.  It was trotting south along its usual road and I took its picture, titled “Who”.  That its ears are both fully erect suggests it isn’t Mom.  However it does appear to be a female coyote.  In the dim light I saw its progress down the road.  It trotted, stopped, marked, trotted, observed me and trotted out of sight.  I believe it went into the brushy area Mom and Dad probably used for their den this year.

My supposition is that other family members are in that brushy area at dusk.  Perhaps they meet there after solitary hunting earlier in the afternoon.  Perhaps some spend most of the day there.  The majority of their field was mowed for weed abatement a couple of weeks ago.  Currently three areas of good cover remain.  Those areas are connected by brushy corridors.  Should the coyotes want to travel unobserved between the three areas during daytime they certainly could.  Recently I spoke with a man who, as he walked along the river bed at dusk, observed several coyotes vocalizing in the den area.  I’ve yet to see that event.

I waited a quarter hour and then went to observe from the north for another quarter hour.  I then returned to my original vantage point.  My dog alerted and my flashlight revealed our escort, Mom.  She was closer to us than is usual for her.  I scanned the field with my flashlight and saw no other pairs of eyes.  I was disappointed.  I had hoped to witness a family gathering.  I left to return to my car, about a fifteen minute walk.  As I neared my car, from my coyotes’ field, I heard a chorus of happy yips.  Happy to be together and perhaps happy to have their space.

Posting written by Charles Wood. Visit Charles Wood’s website for these and more coyote photos: Charles Wood. His work is copyrighted and may only be used with his explicit permission.

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