Licking Palm Fronds

Palms have various types of edible seeds which might interest a wild animal, but in this case, this coyote is mouthing the fronds themselves. I could not figure out why. Coyotes seem to mouth and sniff a lot of different types of plants. Could they be testing them for edibility?

Update: Coyotes are called “opportunistic” eaters, which means they eat what is around. I have seen them licking palm fronds and wondered why. I did not see them eat the palm fronds, but Charles Wood’s posting of September 25th clears up that they do eat them: “Dad Sighted” by Charles Wood. Charles has noticed palm fronds and palm seeds in coyote scat. I don’t know how nutritious palm fronds and seeds are, but I have heard of palm oil being very nutritious, and I did find out that the seeds and fronds are ground up and sold as animal feed.

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