Daytime Sighting Of Coyote Does NOT Suggest Aggression, by Heather

I see a coyote often in the day, and I hope it’s not a bad sign. Some websites suggest that daytime sightings are an indication of increased aggression, but this coyote is really something of a wimp.

Just yesterday, the coyote RAN into backyard from the right-side of the brush-covered, steep hill behind us.  Clearly frightened, it/he/she came to a stop and looked back at its path.  Then it BACKED-UP several more feet gaining distance from whatever it imagined or could see was after him/her.   Then it anxiously squatted in what I guess was a long pee still without taking its eyes off of the the direction it came in from, and then took off with a little less haste.  We also have a bear in the neighborhood, so now I became a little frightened about what might be *above* this coyote in the food chain.  A second later, a neighborhood HOUSE CAT came walking into the scene from the coyote’s feared direction.  The cat stopped, stared, in the direction of the coyote as if “take that!” and then turned around and walked back into the woods. Cat scares off poor coyote??  We have a neighborhood fox that has been witnessed taking after cats with far more aggression – and success – than this coyote.

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  1. Save Sutro
    Sep 16, 2010 @ 21:37:28

    Cool story. Especially since coyotes are usually described as predators of cats.


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