On Extreme Alert

I was in the park early and enjoyed seeing two calm coyotes walking around. A couple of dog walkers soon appeared in a different part of the park. Interestingly, one coyote, then the other, headed closer to the dog walking area. Could it have been on purpose, maybe out of curiosity, that the coyotes had headed where a dog might be, or were they headed this way first when they “happened” upon a dog that was on the path?

Neither the first dog nor its owner ever saw the coyotes.  One of the coyotes made it to the safer thicket area on the other side of the path, but the other had not been able to do so when another walker saw it and shooed it off: “scat, get out of here.” This coyote backed up where it sat half hidden from any additional walkers or dogs that possibly might come along. From the photos you can see that as this coyote waited for its chance to cross to a safer area, it went into high alert mode, with its ears stretched up high and very focused on the walking path below. The coyote was about 50 feet from the dog walking path. When the coyote felt it was safe, he hurried across to the safer side.

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