Hiding From Dogs and Walkers

This coyote spent part of a morning calmly hunting. The other task he set for himself was not to be noticed. He was very effective. To begin with, coyotes are well camouflaged — they blend in well to their surroundings. This coyote was good at keeping to the shadows where he was less conspicuous: he was actually out in the open where, if one had looked directly at him, he would have been seen. Whenever a passerby appeared, this coyote would stand very still, and afterwards moved very slowly, continuing his hunt. If anyone came up the path he was on, he would slither quietly under the nearby brush, and if there was a dog, he would distance himself even further by slithering under the bushes and then leaping beyond some hedges, and then, again, not moving at all, or moving very slowly. Out of 25 people who passed, one lone walker saw him on some steps. One leashed dog saw the coyote and got excited — unbeknownst to the owner. This dog had made it known to the coyote that it wanted to chase it, and the coyote picked up the message. Fortunately this dog was leashed. But it is from this dog that the coyote leaped beyond the hedges.

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