How High Straight-Up Can I Leap?

This coyote appeared to be contemplating a straight up leap: the distance must have been about 13 feet. The leap was not made.

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  1. John Gladwin
    Dec 02, 2010 @ 21:10:37

    About two years ago I was out running with my two dogs on a dirt road running up Chesboro Cyn in the Agoura Hills park. Two large mature coyotes stepped out on the road about 100 feet ahead of us. I stopped with my dogs as did the coyotes. My dogs did not see the coyotes but they saw us. One of them continued across the road but the other one stayed in place, contorted its body so that it looked like a bush, and continued to watch us while staying completely immobile. It looked exactly like a narrow bush and stayed that way until we started off again, not bothering to move until we were about 30 feet away when it finally walked off the trail and disappeared into the brush.


    • yipps
      Dec 02, 2010 @ 22:49:45

      That is a great observation! Was it twilight? Did the coyote coloration blend in with the other bushes? — camouflage is one of their biggest assets. A couple of times I mistook a bush in the far distance for a coyote — but not the other way around! I’ve seen them become absolutely inconspicuous by standing very still, or one become unrecognizable as it peeked out from behind a tree with stillness. Disguising itself as something else, especially a bush, is pretty neat. I’m wondering how consciously intentional this might have been? Thanks for the observation!

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