Sibling Rivalry #4b: Bullied Three Consecutively Times Before Snapping

This is a continuation of the previous posting which left off with a dominant coyote remembering the prey it had abandoned.

The dominant coyote finds his prey, a vole, and eats it wholeheartedly as the more submissive coyote looks on — actually approaching within only a few inches.

When the submissive guy moves off, the dominant guy, again, for the third time within 20 minutes, approached the departing fellow and attempted dominating him again. This time the less dominant guy stood up for himself, snapping viciously at his bullying sibling.  The bully moved on out of the area, and the bullied fellow sat down and watched him leave.

It is sad to see the fun-loving, playful young coyotes becoming antagonistic and hierarchical. They must do so as they attain their adulthood. They may soon go their separate ways. A childhood chapter in their lives is closing, and a new life as independent adults is coming on. We are all waiting to see how this develops. But who knows? Maybe these coyotes will remain in the area as part of an intact pack. Maybe they are just establishing and tightening the social order. A firm and well defined social order may be needed for the group to operate smoothly.

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