Community Health & Safety Fair

I was pleased to participate again in the Diamond Heights Health & Safety Fair on Saturday, October 30th in San Francisco. Our booth featured safety around our urban wild animals. We answered questions and concerns about coexisting with coyotes, and handed out flyers about coyote behavior and guidelines for coexistence. We specifically addressed the coyote-dog issue as we did last year: helping everyone become aware of what to expect in the way of coyote behavior, what they can do to prevent dog-coyote incidents, and, ultimately, how to extricate oneself and one’s pet from an incident in progress. There was a raffle for a coyote puppet and a baby owl puppet — free to those who could give three precautions to keep our coyotes safe and wild, and keep our dogs safe and not so wild in our urban parks!

The updated “Coyote Coexistence and Behavior” Flyer is posted below: Coyote Coexistence & Behavior — an update .

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