MORE Howling by Two Then Three Maybe

A siren in the distance caused this howling session. I’m hearing sirens all the time these days, and that must be the reason I’ve been hearing coyotes more often — something which was rare during daylight only a month ago. Here the howling began by one coyote which was joined by a second coyote only a few yards away. I’m pretty sure a third one joined in from the distance, because one of the original two coyotes ran off for a moment and returned with a third. By the time the third one joined the group, the howling was over, but this one may have joined in from the distance. Coyotes howling always sound like many more than there really are. The howling served as the occasion for a joyful reunion with kisses and hugs, and shaking: this is how coyote families party!  Howling may serve for various coyotes to assure contact with each other: “hey, I’m fine over here, how are things over there”? . Hear recording #7.

In this instance, immediately after the reunion, one of the young male coyotes tried to dominate the other –notice ears down and to the sides of the bullied fella. Be that as it may, this bullied one is learning to slip out of the grasp of his dominating sibling.

How far away can a coyote howl be heard? This depends on many circumstances, but you can be sure that the coyote can hear further and more clearly than we humans can. Wind, physical terrain and what is on it, other noises all serve as interference and can make coyotes close by sound more distant. Maybe this is why coyotes often howl from the tops of bare hills. I have heard  coyotes about 1/8th mile away respond to a siren on a quiet and still evening, with another coyote — barely audible — responding from afar  — I might guess that coyote to have been half of a mile away —  it’s a guess.

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