Bugs and Grubs?

I watched this coyote work here for fifteen full minutes. It was digging and eating something — somethings. They were small and didn’t require much chewing. After the coyote left I checked it out, but could only find some small bugs and white larvae. Coyotes do eat bugs and grubs.

I’m wondering if this also might have been a squirrel’s cache of winter food? It is only a thought — I could not confirm it. I didn’t see a squirrel, but the coyote did look up frequently.  I found out what squirrels eat and cache. This includes seeds, nuts, fruits, lichens, buds, roots, pine cones, leaves, twigs and bark. They have been known to also eat bird eggs, snakes and insects, snails, baby birds and even rats. Coyotes also eat all of these things.

Whatever the coyote had been working on, it was not a gopher or a vole. It was probably bugs and grubs — maybe a colony of them?

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