Some of us love the rain, and some of us don’t so much. It boils down to individual differences and preferences. I myself love donning my slicker and boots and venturing out into the elements. Animals, too, have their individual preferences: some love the rain, and some do not. For instance, when I would open the front door on a rainy day, my own dog used to get up, just to take a look. The minute he saw the rain he would shake himself out before even venturing out into it — just the thought of getting wet made him shake off the water: no, he always preferred to stay indoors and dry. Yet I’ve met dogs who aren’t affected one bit by being wet: today a large lab was walking alongside its owner in the pouring rain — tail wagging. I asked the owner about it and was told that the dog has never shown any aversion at all towards rain!

So, I suppose these individual differences also apply to wild animals. In the rain I’ve been seeing hawks flying around and screeching and I’ve seen lots of song birds out — they seemed to be out because of the rain. As for coyotes, I have seen them relaxing on a rock in light rain, and I’ve seen them hunting in heavy rain. Whether they really happen to be enjoying the rain I couldn’t tell, but they were out.

The reason I’m adding this posting is because recently a dog walker brought four dogs to one of the area parks which is known to have coyotes — all the dogs were unleashed. The walker told me that since it was raining, she thought there would be no coyotes out. This is not correct. The photos above depict a coyote meandering on a path in fairly heavy rain, and then lifting itself on a rock to get a better view through the rain. It might be true that some, or even most, coyotes might not be out in the rain, but this is not true all the time for all of them.

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