More Play and Dominance

In this sequence a coyote plays with both the core and the shell of a golfball. The core is more highly prized because it has a better consistency: it is rubbery and therefore more fun to chew and some of the rubber bands which make it up actually “flick” the coyote back, making it appear to be alive. I’ve described this in a previous posting.

So here you have a coyote playing contentedly with the inner core of a golfball, the shell is nearby — until the coyote’s dominating sibling appears. The dominating sibling shows his dominance by standing over this fellow with his hackles raised and tail up — he demands a show of submission. The dominated coyote complies by exposing his vulnerable parts.  A distraction in the distance gives this dominated fellow a window to slip away, which he does. But the dominating sibling then grabs the core of the golf ball which the first fellow had been playing with — along with a mouthful of grass. The dominated fellow then settles for second best: the outer shell of the ball — you can see him eyeing it and moving in, but he is afraid to actually grab it. So instead he moves in and watches enviously as the dominating fellow chews the core — one might almost think from the photos that the dominated guy is actually asking for the core.

Then the dominating fellow walks off with the core ball still in his mouth, and the dominated guy, keeping his eyes on the dominant one, grabs the shell, lies down and chews on this for a little while. But soon he turns to a piece of cork which is close by. The dominating fellow comes back for the abandoned shell, but instead simply marks it, and then leaves passing the other coyote almost with a snarl, as the less dominant fellow ignores him and works on his piece of cork.

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