There Is Something About The Tree

These two young coyotes were together on a hillside when one decided to go “digging” in a place which had yielded results in the past. But something about the tree overhead caught his attention. He continued to the digging spot and began digging, but still there was something about the tree he could not drop. After only a short time of digging, and continued glances at the tree, he decided to move on.

As he left, his sibling decided that he now could have the digging spot — the bottom row of photos is of the second coyote. But he, too, became absorbed by something about the tree. Again, after only a short episode of digging and keeping an eye on the tree overhead, this second coyote left, but not before leaving his mark at the digging spot.  I myself could not see anything unusual about the tree — possibly there had been a little bit of swaying in breeze, or possibly there had been a squirrel or hawk in the tree at some previous time which they both remembered?

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