Trash: Take-out Barbeque Sauce & CapriSun

Today a coyote was eating stuff and picking up trash from up on a hillside, close to a narrow footpath. I later went back to check out exactly what these items were. One was a 2″ plastic container of take-out barbeque sauce. It had not been opened the way a human would have opened it — by folding the tab at the top and pulling the foil off. This container had been chewed through from the bottom and its contents were totally cleaned out — by the coyote above as I watched him.

The same coyote soon picked up an empty CapriSun foil container which he carried for a short distance and then dropped. The straw hole had been pierced which only a human could have done. So it may have been the shiny foil container that attracted the coyote who checked it out and then left it.

Anyway, these things can’t be good for our wildlife. If items left behind hurt our dogs, they can hurt the wildlife. The difference is that wildlife won’t be able to get medical help. Just within this last week one of the dogs which is walked regularly in a coyote area swallowed a plastic bag. The dog was lucky — a $4,000 operation saved his life. A coyote would have died a very uncomfortable death.

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