Starry Eyed Couple

You’ll have to judge for yourself, but what I am seeing was brought home by the two ravens dancing and cawing in a pine tree above where I was watching a couple of coyotes. The ravens cawed, moved away and then towards each other, made cooing sounds (yes), and danced their heads and upper bodies back and forth in what probably was courting behavior. Ahhh, yes, this is what is going on.

The two coyotes were not as explicit as the ravens, but the same thing was going on. It is that time of year when hormones and pheromones guide behaviors that will affect the future. The two coyotes stuck closely together. The female was a little bit reactive a couple of times, but the male was very solicitous — he read her well. They traveled and hunted side by side. They rubbed against each other, they made intense eye contact, and they did so touching noses a number of times — not fleetingly, but emphatically. He sniffed her often, and whenever she “marked” the ground, he lingered to sniff it and then marked the same spot — the middle two rows of photos show two instances of this. All behavior was extremely gentle and calm — especially when compared to the sibling rivalry I had been observing for the last few months. Do these two now reign over the territory that used to belong to three?

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