Torrential Downpour: Coyote Behavior

Before it even started raining, this coyote was out on a hillside, relaxing. Then it started raining. . . . . and then it started pouring. Really pouring. I thought to myself: I’ll just stay here a moment and catch this coyote running for cover. But no, it didn’t happen. I was the one that left after more than an hour in the downpour. I was able to duck under a tree which helped a little. I had a plastic bag around the camera and my hands were numb from the cold.

But this coyote stayed out there, squinting sometimes, closing its eyes sometimes, licking the water off its snout, or lowering its head to the ground to sleep.  All the while, in that driving rain, the coyote appeared totally relaxed with forearms often crossed. Maybe it was really enjoying the weather?  Or, maybe the coyote knew the benefits of a good hard cleansing shower? In the last photo I focused well in front of the coyote so that you can see how hard it was raining.

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