Coyotes Are Victims of Sensationalist Media Hype

Marc Bekoff, an animal behaviorist who has spent years studying coyotes, has written a couple of revealing short articles in the wake of sensationalist media hype: specifically on a recent National Geographic video which is based on a news item that occurred a year and a half ago and capitalizes on fears and sensationalism. The incident reported is one of only two ever recorded deaths of humans by a coyote. The other incident involved a small child whose father had been feeding coyotes, which is what we suspect may have gone on in this case here. That these deaths occurred is very upsetting, but they are made that much worse by globalizing an incident that is so rare that we only have two recorded incidents of it in the last 500 years.This approach sells, but our respect for National Geographic, which produced the video, has fallen hard. Please see his article and the comments afterwards. Coyotes Are Victims Of Their Own Success and Sensationalist Media.

Also, a recent follow-up:

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