Interest Shifts Away From Dogs

Starting in January, I noticed a marked change in coyote behavior regarding dogs: the coyotes seem to have lost interest in them. Coyotes no longer came out to sit on a hill to watch dogs as they used to so frequently. They don’t do it at all now. Hmmm. In the past, I frequently witnessed one or two coyotes walking purposefully towards lookouts where they went to keep tabs on what was going on, to simply enjoy the “dog show”. But today, the exact opposite occurred: a coyote was walking away from one of its lookout areas as dogs began coming into the park — seemingly to avoid the dog issue entirely.

Watching the dogs had been only part of what was going on for the coyotes. It seems that coyotes had been placing themselves where they could easily be seen. In a way, they appeared to be affirming that this was their territory — they were out there almost inviting or daring any dog to challenge them — a sort of “test” — in order to find out about the dogs. I think the coyotes were assessing the attitudes and energy of the dogs, and evaluating their own positions in the territory. This is all speculation, but, after seeing it happen this same way so often, this is, to me, what appeared to be happening

This is mating season, and it is dispersal time. Possibly these new activities have become all-absorbing ones.

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