Junk Food Smarts

This coyote was walking, very cautiously and slowly, when it spotted a junk food wrapper in the middle of the road. He approached the bag and sniffed it, but then walked on a little further to a bit of food a few feet away, sniffing it carefully. I was a little disappointed when he picked up the bit of food — junk food is not good for coyotes. It must have been a potato chip or something similar.

I thought he had eaten it by the time he got to the curb. But no. He deliberately dropped it and then urinated on it! He must have deemed it unfit to eat! And the urinating on it was a message to other coyotes who might find the same piece of food! I don’t know if the food had gone bad, or if the coyote could recognize the worthlessness of junk food as a nutrition source!

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