Dead Mole Found, Played With, Buried

Moles are unpalatable for coyotes — I have never seen a coyote eat one. But I have seen coyotes toy with dead ones, urinate on them and, here, bury one.

This coyote looked like he just “happened upon” the dead vole, though he may have been drawn to the mole’s location by its odor. There was no battle which is how I knew the mole was already dead. Possibly it had been left by this same coyote on a previous day. The coyote picked it up, walked a ways with it and tossed it in the air and caught it a few times. Then he carried it a little further, looking around to find the “right spot” to bury it. The carcass was then placed in a depression in the grass, and the coyote used its nose — only its nose — to push the grass over, again and again, until the animal was totally covered and undetectable.

Interestingly, dead animals, including moles, have a very strong odor, and, coyotes’ sense of smell is superb. Any coyote could have found this buried mole simply by sniffing. I wonder who the mole was being hidden from?

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