Grunting & Barking


Audio File –> GRUNTS & BARKING

Relaxing comes easy to this coyote. Still, there are nuisances which have to be dealt with — the main one being intrusions from dogs, even if they are in the distance. If a dog has chased a coyote in the past, he’ll do it again. The dog communicates his intentions and attitude through his gaze and stance to the coyote. The coyote remembers all dogs that have threatened him.

So, the walkers and dogs came into view;  they never got excessively close. The coyote first stood up and watched intently. And then, as the dogs eyed the coyote and got excited,  the coyote’s grunting began. The grunting is almost inaudible — visually one can see the coyote’s slight huffing and puffing. My dog used to do this when he wanted to have the last word after I scolded him: huffing with a little grunt. The grunting in coyotes often precedes a long barking session, as it did here — it’s almost as if the grunting served to wind up the coyote!

The audio I’ve included here has 1:20 minutes of grunting — you have to listen very carefully to hear it through the singing birds and sounds of traffic — the grunts are very soft and there are pauses. Then, at 1:20 minutes, the barking begins. I’ve included a full five minutes which all sounds the same, so there is no reason to listen to the entire recording. The barking actually went on longer than the recording — until dog and walker were out of sight and far gone. At that point, the coyote curled up on a rock, as he had been before.  Soon a runner approached up the path the coyote was on, and the coyote fled.


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