A High Rocky Lookout to Check Things Out

I’ve watched coyotes for a long time. They love to raise themselves on a rock at the top of a cliff where they scan in all directions, including down, for any and all activity. They are sentries making their inspections.

We have all seen birds sitting on rocks. But when I saw a bird look in all directions, including far down the cliff edge of the rock, I knew the same thing was happening. And then today, I couldn’t believe as I watched a little brown squirrel head straight for one of the same rocks that many of the other critters use. He scampered to the top, stood up high, and looked in all directions, including over the steep edges to the activity far below, and continued inspecting for many minutes! We humans do the same thing. You know, we really are not so different!

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  1. Dawn Sutti
    May 16, 2011 @ 16:11:48

    Great images, as always! It’s just amazing how many animal species can equally share the same point of perspective…too bad humans cannot follow wildlife’s lead.


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