“Ghost Dogs” in Audubon Magazine

“The long persecuted coyote is not vermin, after all. Researchers are now discovering that it’s a resilient, adaptable predator that’s not just surviving in U.S. cities but playing a valuable role in restoring the food chain for the benefit of birds and other species.”

“They’re on the prowl at night, melting in and out of the shadows. It’s not likely you’ve seen them, but if you live in a city anywhere in America, these four-footed specters have probably moved into your neighborhood.”

This excellent article by Alisa Opar appears in the the current issue, May-June 2011, of Audubon Magazine,  and is based on fascinating information supplied by Professor Stan Gehrt of Ohio State University who has been studying coyotes for the past ten years.  Check it out at:


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  1. dawn sutti
    Jun 13, 2011 @ 16:30:51

    Fabulous posting and great information for ALL to read!!! Wonderful story with the two curled-up and sleeping coyotes…your photo-journalism is outstanding. More power to the coyotes!!!!


    • yipps
      Jun 13, 2011 @ 16:50:13

      Thank you, Dawn! Those of us posting — mostly Charles and me — are fascinated by what we see. Through the blog, we’re hoping that others will see what these neat critters are about, and then be able to better accept and coexist with them. Janet

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