Grunting With Displeasure

This coyote kept fairly quiet as a particular dog and its walker passed in the distance. However, I was close enough to tell what the coyote really thought about that dog, and there is no mistake about it! Anyone can read this: the coyote was vexed at the dog’s appearance, as seen with her barely-audible grunts and “huffing”. The dog did not spot the coyote,  and the coyote lowered herself so as to become even less visible. This particular dog has chased this coyote in the past — there is reason for the displeasure.

I find coyotes to be one of easiest animals to “read”. They communicate superbly with each other. They do so by showing their feelings and reactions — through eye contact, body language, vocalizations and scent marking. If another coyote had been present, that coyote would have known instantly just how this coyote felt about the dog, and would have known to be as wary of the dog as this one is.

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