Mom and Dad Strolling, by Charles Wood

Mom in this clip looks to be a bit larger and fuller than Dad. At about fifteen seconds in, after pausing to look at passersby on the river bank, Mom yawns. I think her yawn is from low level anxiety about being watched by my two dogs and me. We are at least a hundred yards apart.

Mom was itchy that day, slowing progress on the trail. Dad stays with her though. Toward the end of the clip, Dad picks up his pace yet Mom doesn’t. So Dad slows down until she is willing to trot with him. They begin to get going pretty well when Mom’s feet seem to hit something unexpected. Wouldn’t you know it? Mom slows down! Then, just after that, she has to scratch herself again. Seems like they will never get to the den area, about 200 feet off camera right. I think there is an incredible amount of communication passing between those mates.

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