Breeding Season: “NO”

These photos were taken as these two ended their evening trek together. He tries engaging in his natural breeding season drives. She does not want this — she has a need to discipline his eagerness. What is fascinating is that he is a large male. She is smaller than he is, but incredibly wiser and smarter.

She adroitly whips him around and onto his back and totally dominates him, making him lie there, belly up, under her!  She is skilled and she has an unmatched force of personality. When he attempts struggling she nips him firmly and she doesn’t let go of her position until he shows her he comprehends. She’s always been the alpha, and I guess she still is.

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  1. Barbara Knupp
    Feb 15, 2013 @ 00:32:33

    Well Mother Nature is consistent. The female dog can be very nasty to the male until she is ready. In a dog family, the adult female, in her prime, is often in charge. I once had a male stud dog who was quite violent with other intact adult males.. However, I watched a smaller female chase him away from her food. My friends who own a large horse farm tell me its the same with horses.

    Nature is just fascinating and your photos really add to our knowledge.


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