Orphaned Pups Have Been Raised and Are Being Released Tonight!

When these pups were first brought in, they were small enough to fit into a bucket!

They soon outgrew the bucket, and kept growing!!


And tonight, the youngsters who are full-grown, and who have been prepared as best as possible for this moment, will be released in a safe area and slowly find their own way in the world.

“The 3 coyotes that have grown up at AWARE are being released tonight.  I wanted to go for the release, but it was going to happen at a site several hours from here, in a place that does not allow hunting, and I simply did not have the time to make the trip.  However, I fed them a special breakfast with lots of goodies and took the enclosed pictures this morning. We have done everything that we can for them and they are well prepared.  Now it is up to them.  They will be released at dusk (about now as I am writing this).  So keep them in your thoughts and say a prayer for them.  I’m sad to see them go, but delighted that they will be able to run free and not be confined in an enclosure.”

All photos from AWARE. If you would like to donate to this organization, please click here: AWARE. Thank you AWARE for taking on this big job!

** PLEASE NOTE  that any animal not raised by its own parents begins life with an overwhelming disadvantage. Coyotes are family animals. They are one of only 3-5% of all mammalian species that mate for life and grow up in nuclear families. It is within the context of a family that they learn not only their social skills, but they also learn every other skill they need for survival. Coyotes learn by observing and imitating their parents, and by interacting with their parents and their siblings, and they learn these skills during a “critical window” in their lives, when they are puppies.  Orphaned animals can never get this same training.

In addition, coyotes are “tied to the land”: Uprooting them and depositing them in another location where they don’t know the terrain, the dangers, other coyotes, predators, or even the best food locations adds additional hardship which they must overcome. How can we all help? Let’s stop the trapping and killing of coyotes so that their families may remain intact, and so that youngsters can learn the ropes of urban living from their parents, and not through trial and error and unexpected encounters with people and pets.

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